Oh to be anywhere else…

It’s week four back at uni after Christmas and you would be forgiven for thinking well exams are out of the way, this is the entry period into new modules surely a lovely time to be a student. You would be under a misconception I’m afraid…

Latin, as tedious as perhaps listening to introductory seminars, constructs a few more hurdles and a big ass test next week- fabulous. On top of this, there is a lovely 1700 word essay due in for early February however this is quite enjoyable to research and write about, the topic being Freedmen in Roman society if only I had the time to properly research it. On a less impressive scale two presentations must be made but unfortunately one of the groups apparently just “aren’t up for it to be honest with you” and are able to ignore all e-mails. Got to love the dedication in some students haven’t you, £9,000 to slack it all of, I’m sure your investment will give great returns. As for the other group they are in fact absolutely lovely, one is from Leeds so niceness is a given. UP THE NORTHERNERS.

This has been quite a “aggy”, as the Exeteronians call it, post but I feel I have reason to be somewhat solemn. Both my girl’s have gone on holiday for a week, leaving me with the boys- who I do love but it’s just not the same is it.

So while one is in France the other Ghana I’m sat in a rather cold Exeter with Latin morphology and syntax to revise- I can assure you it is as dreary as it sounds. The only thing keeping me here really is the promise of that certificate in 2 years time that will hopefully open doors to “Marketing, Press and Communications”.

From now on I’m going to actively look out for any opportunity to steer myself in the public relations sector because it’s all v very well knowing what you want to do but not knowing anything about it or how to get your foot in the door can be slightly more than problematic for a very poorly connected 18 year old from Chesterfield.

In every aspect I’d rather be anywhere else and so ‘Dum spiro, spero’- While I breath I hope- Cicero.