Bucket List:

You only live once, get everything out of it you possibly can. 

  1. Go to one of the Top 10 universities to do history.
  2. Start a blog. 
  3. Learn another language (ish)
  4. Go horse riding
  5. Go skinny dipping
  6. Go abroad with friends
  7. Go to New York
  8. Save a £1000 of your own money
  9. Write for a newspaper- just once
  10. Play football for uni
  11. swim with dolphins
  12. go hot air ballooning
  13. Shake hands with a prime minister 
  14. Go to a festival
  15. Do Glamping at a festival
  16. Go star gazing in the middle of the night
  17. Walk up a mountain
  18. Swim in a lake
  19. Travel around Italy for a month
  20. Go to Australia
  21. Be a bridesmaid 
  22. Get married
  23. Organize a big event 
  24. Own a pair of jimmy choos 
  25. Go to sweden
  26. Finish a box set series of something
  27. Get a tattoo
  28. Take my nephew to disneyland
  29. Have children
  30. Get a lead role in a play 
  31. Learn to play an instrument
  32. Write a book/journal
  33. Own a BMW Z4
  34. Pay for a meal out for mum and dad
  35. Own a puppy 
  36. Go snorkling
  37. Go sky diving
  38. Party all night 
  39. Organise a year group reunion
  40. Read every book you’ve ever wanted to read
  41. Go to an awards night- Oscars, Baftas.
  42. Be content



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