The 1920s.

Do you ever wish you were born in another time all together different from today?

A lot of people I know say they’d love to have been born in the 1920s in America but that’s when all they think of is being a flapper girl or wealthy businessman. The real 1920s was a time of violence and division, the concept of the melting pot had failed as communities of immigrants seeking a new start in America flocked to the cities such as New York and Chicago but found it very difficult to integrate themselves into the American way of life and so stuck together in various districts. The Volstead Act had in de jure’ terms prohibited alcohol but this actually increased demand.. surprise surprise, people want what they can’t have. This as we know caused violent gang wars as the competition for territory increased as mobsters who were obtaining alcohol mainly from Canada or simply making their own often dangerous liquids wanted to ensure their market was their own and no others. There were of course those in Government who attempted to stop the consumption and selling of alcohol known locally as “Prohies” or ‘Prohibition Agents’ however the Republican Administration arguably corrupt at this time, were less than enthusiastic about properly enforcing the law. Thus the violence increased and with the influx of immigrants prior and during Prohibition some Americans associated the violence with certain groups such as the Irish and Italians. This period also saw the re-emergence of the Ku Klux Klan and strong prominence of the White Anglo saxon protestants of America and Racism was again a Nation wide issue. Of course we should not forget the women of America did receive the vote in this Era however the position of women in the household did not change and it is more than probable the husband would have greatly influenced the voting habits of his wife.

The label of the “Roaring 1920s”, is possibly quiet apt. Industries were growing economically after the war and the economy was booming however, socially although recent films have depicted the time as extravagant, fun and glamorous do not be fooled, these things came at a price and that was quite often the lives of business men, government agents and gangsters. The “Roaring twenties” were roaring but after long enough that roar would have given everyone a headache, hung-over or not.


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