Too much drama?

As an ex-drama student I miss performing, acting, singing, rehearsing and learning lines like crazy. However, this isn’t the kind of drama I’m going to be talking about.

Real life drama, the issues you have with people in your life that arise completely out of the blue that take you by complete surprise, that is the drama that is keeping me awake tonight.

The path life takes is so foggy that a brick wall can just appear straight in front of you without you realising at all but why do the walls construct themselves? Why can’t these obstacles just vanish as instantly as they arrive? The answer- everyone has some drama in their lives. Each obstacle supposedly teaches us something else but everything I’ve ever faced resulted in having only two options, break it down with a sledge hammer- cut ties with the person causing the issue, or climb over the top of it and moving forward. Well I’ve gotten to a point where climbing over the top is a lot more effort for some issues than bringing down the whole construction, just because you’ve climbed over it once doesn’t mean you wont have to tackle it again. Of course that means you subsequently lose some people in your lives but I’ve discovered so many people are superfluous in our lives and only a handful are worth climbing over and moving on with.

I understand this is quite a sad little note but it shouldn’t be, it’s the beginning of a life where you’ve cast out all the negative hindrances with only things left are to make you stronger and happier. That is what too much drama has taught me.. the more drama in your life the closer you are to reaching the end of the mix and match obstacle course.